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August 9, 2008

Two Posts-Am I Clever Or A Fool?

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This is my second post today if you noticed, in the last 15 minutes, somewhat of a commotion happened. I’m not going to tell you what it is, because you wouldn’t believe it if I did. I am doing this because I’m going to DaLian, a city in China, and I can’t bring the laptop. So am I doing the right thing? Should I or shouldn’t I? Am I clever or a fool? You decide. It’s up to you.When I wrote 205, I meant the countries in the opening ceremony for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I watched it 12 hours earlier than you as long as you’re not in China. There were even countries live St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada , and Trinidad and Tobago, all of which reside in the Carribean Sea. Oh Yeah, last night, I was trying to concentrate on blog writing, but I got distracted and did a Scottish dance. I got distracted because I saw some haggis in the television. Haggis being a kind of Scottish food. My aunt recognized it and said Scottish people wear dresses while they dance. I knew that, of course, but me in a dress? Outrageous! Preposterous! Impossible! Ah, but not impossible. I was convinced. Hoodwinked.Tired of the synonyms.I wore the skirt Anna had given me and tripped on purpose. I also crashed into the cabinet, pinched myself, and tripped two more times. They were on purpose as well. I gave back a battered dress and smiled.  I liked it. Nothing exciting happened within 5 hours, except hardly being able to open a door when promising to be very prompt at it. Now for the new feature. Every time starting from now, at the end of each post, there will be a scrambled word at nine letters at the end. In the comments section, answer the word and the answer will be shown on the next post. Today there will be two words because the trip to DaLian takes three days…..Nah, three.

Next time…..A long summary of the trip to DaLian.

 The words are: TARGETICE, SPORTBALE, and ARTYBRIAR. Answers will be shown at end of next post.

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