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August 19, 2008

How Long Has It Been Again?

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I was busy. The answer is TARGETING. On my second day, We went to a water park. It was raining hard, and I was wearing crocs. This meant my feet got wet-lucky I didn’t wear socks. When we got in, we went straight to a polar aquarium. We saw otters, penguins, reef sharks, nurse sharks, seals, walruses, round batfish, giant Japanese spider crabs, dragonfish, leafy sea-dragons, comb and moon jellies, and even a gargantuan oarfish! I wish we had saw a Pacific sleeper shark, but they have parasitic worms stuck to their eyes, so the aquariumists (is that even a word?)didn’t bring one in. There were two really fun things. Firstly, there was a show. At first there were beluga whales, swimming at top speed! I got bored after a while, then my favorite animals in the world came on. Dolphins! Didn’t I already tell you I’m an underwater animal maniac, but my favorites are cetaceans-mammals that live underwater? Anyway, the dolphins first balanced balls on their noses, then jumped ten feet into the air, and pulled a small purple boat carrying a little child all around the arena. But, my favorite part was when the dolphins did math. The trainer showed 10+5=? and the dolphin honked a horn 15 times. Then he did 10-6=? and the dolphin honked it once. I believe it was looking upside-down, but it seems that dolphins are prone to mistkes such as these. So, after the show was over, we went upstairs. We went on a moving walkway going upward. The walkway went through a glass tunnel that showed fish and 6 squid. When we got up, I saw a tunnel that was bordered by ice. I went in. Right turn, and I came to an enormous room that was carved from ice. I saw a set of fake footprints that led to a secret burrow. I went in. Anna and Mickey came looking for me. I grabbed some powder snow and threw through a hole in the ice. I ducked immediately. I was wearing a T-shirt but didn’t mind the cold. Eventually, they found me . I was laughing madly. Anna had white hair in some places. We went out and I ate a sausage. Then we went out of the aquarium. It had stopped raining. We were walking to see the parrot show, but on the way, I spotted a place to play bumper boats. Mickey and I teamed up against Anna and her mother. After 21 minutes of fun, water, driving, and postponing the end, we finished. Then we completed the long walk to Birds’ Song Woods. The parrot show was spectacular. First, a blue one hung a banner on the wall. Then, two yellow ones played soccer. The ball dropped off the table twice, but that was good-at least on their standards. Finally, the birds flew around, trying to get Yuan, China’s currency, from people who were raising it in the air. I waved a 20. A green parrot touched it, and flew off. Aunt Sherry was luckiest. She was the first to be stolen from, and the darn bird just didn’t let go! Finally, I yelled for someone to take out a hundred. It was a joke, but the guy in front of me took it seriously. What a laugh! I snatched it from him and put it back on his lap without anyone noticing.  After that, we went to Peacock Crossing, and an albino peacock raced by! I rubbed my eyes. It was still there. I took no more notice and we left. Goodbye, end of story, the end. See ya around. Ciao!

Next…Fun in the sun-A TRIP TO THE BEACH!!!!!The word is SPARAGUAS Clue:Artichoke me!

August 12, 2008


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I’m finally back from Dalian. The answers to the word game are : CIGARETTE, PORTABLES, and ARBITRARY. 10 points if you got them all. Each day of the trip takes one day to write since they get better all the time. The first day … darn red underline… spellchecking nonsense …anyway, I had to wake up at 5:00 AM in order to get to the plane on time. I ate one bite of a dumpling, a Choconilla(chocolate and vanilla mixed) bread and some porridge. The hunger ghost possessed me on the taxi. The second taxi. The first one broke down. If you’ve travelled, you know the process. I won’t repeat it. Actually the others rode on the taxi-everyone went of course, grandparents, aunt, cousin and a guy named Qiao Ping- Anna and I rode with Aunt Zheng and Jason. They came too.I got some gum and ate it. When we arrived at the airport, we went straight to get our luggages checked and dumped on the plane. Then we got dumped on the plane ourselves. The 1-hour ride actually wasn’t that bad. I played my DS, Jason let me play his PSP, I ate 1 & 1/2 of a hotdog…Oog. When we left the DaLian airport, we took an airport bus to the hotel. I had a short glimpse and a jump of the bed when we left for lunch. I ate egg fried rice, my favorite. We took a bus to the shuttle bus station and we took the shuttle bus to some oceanic area of DaLian and we took a taxi to a hiking place. We walked for half an hour. Uphill, rest stop, bird farm, rest stop, bridge, rest stop, down some stairs, rest stop, down another flight of stairs, saw the ocean saw 2 jellyfish, saw a fisherman, back uphill, rest stop, got thirsty, bridge, rest stop, bird farm, rest stop, downhill, ice cream parlor, and back to the hotel in the taxi we used to get there.  Then I saw a globe. Did I tell you my favorite subject is geography? I studied the Chinese names of countries of the globe. I was fascinated. Armenia-Yamainiya. Libya-Libiya. Madagascar-Madajiasijia. Then we went to bed. And that’s what happened on my first day in DaLian. Go figure. See ya!

 Next time…The second day-rainy day, aquarium stay, dolphins play, birds rickershay,and the scrambled word is GRATINGET. Remember, no using the computer to cheat.

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