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July 25, 2008


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I’ve arrived in China and it’s extremely hot! I visited the Watercube and the Bird’s Nest. It was coooooooooool.  Oh yeah, i should describe the flight.I ate a chicken fried rice. Normally,I like it, but I hate peas and carrots.Yecch! I also ate steak and noodles.  Side affects include: death, pneumonia, cancer, heart attacks, lightningrod, and idiot-ism. I just ate the sausage.  Which causes annoyance, hyperness, and more annoyance!!!!!!!!!!!!! >=) ;)= &*#$AE/?<`~-90chux7g54uRE%78ssee4908a—————— Yes,100% hyperness!See ya around. Bye!I HAVE ARRIVED

July 22, 2008

I’m leaving!

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Today was my last day at summer school. I’m going to China for a month!Woohoo! Hallelujah! I’ll miss my friends. But, Brian said,” He’s leaving forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, etc.” We went to Elephant Bar for dinner tonight.I got in slight trouble but WHO CARES ANYWAY????!!!!! I’M OFF!I had some diarrhea, but I got over it.Mom also taught me how to feed Chabbie, our dog. Fill a cup halfway with dog chow. Then check if there’s still water. If there isn’t, Fill the jug with water and place it over the water bowl. To tell the truth, I was half listening. Well, see ya in China!!!

July 21, 2008

Fun Stuff

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I haven’t updated in a while because so many things are happening. Sunday was best. My mom’s company organized a party. It started on a bus. We went on a California Hornblower brunch cruise. I made a new friend named Kaili Sun. The relationship was like,”Wanna be friends?” “Sure.” By the time we landed, our friendship was so strong that if I was in a photo, Kaili was. After getting stuffed with chocolate muffins, ziti, eggs and cheese, ham, Polynesian noodles, fresh salmon, scrambled eggs, french toast, and steak, we rode the bus to Muir Woods to hike. On the bus, Kaili and I made a comic called Element Evaders-Tactics and Turnbacks. The first chapter, Gadocian Surprise, will be posted soon enough. Anyway, Muir Woods was exciting. There was even poison oak! I recognized it just in time to save Viper-er-Kaili. You’ll soon know why I called him that. We found some trees affected by some Death Oak disease. I don’t know exactly what it’s called. As you can see, I’m no botanist! After leaving, I was tired, so I took a nap on the bus. When I woke up, we were still on a mountain path! Didn’t I tell you Muir Woods’ elevation is extremely high? Anyway, I continued on the comic on the bus. I got bored and fell asleep again. This time, however, when I woke up, we were nearly there! I walked to my parents in the back. It was very un comfortable to walk the least distance because the bus had bad suspension. We arrived, soon after, at the best place in the world. Laser Quest!!!! I had to pick a code name because we were late. Usually, you get to make up your own. I was Lightning. The rules are simple. You have to wear a suit. On the suit are four sensors. There are also sensors on the laser shooter that comes with the suit.You have to use the shooter to hit sensors on another person. Then they cannot tag or be tagged for 5 seconds. On Frantic mode, it’s 1 second. You have 15 minutes. Each time you shoot someone, it’s 10 points. If you get hit on the front or back sensors, you lose 4 points. If you get hit on the laser shooter or shoulders, you lose 3 points.This was the first round, and I got rank 19 at the end. Kaili, code name 007, got 7th place! On the second round, I meant to be Rolan, but the attendant gave me Rollen! I got 20th place. On the last round, Kaili was Viper and I was Phantom. I got 14th place and he got 17th. Later, we made a club. We use code names to define ourselves. I wanted to be E=MC2, but I decided to be Phantom instead, because Kaili was Viper. That’s about it. I seriously recommend going to Laser Quest. See ya next time!

Kaili and I on the California Hornblower

July 16, 2008

Stuff at School

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Hello again! Some stuff happened at school. I learned how to play Butts Up, a new kind of wall ball game. You have to hit the wall with the ball, and if some body catches it, you’re out. If you touch the ball and it touches the ground, run and touch the wall. If someone picks up the ball and hits the wall before you reach the wall, you’re out.You can only take one step after you pick up the ball. I also beat Mario Kart DS’ Grand Prix. If you want to get better, I’m writing my own walkthrough to be posted in a few days. See ya next time!

July 15, 2008

Some Sting, Too Much Brian

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The reason I didn’t update yesterday is because (1. I go to Chinese school, (2.I went to a Sting & the Police concert. Sting sang some of his most famous songs, including Message in a Bottle, Da Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da, Everything She Does is Magic, and Every Breath You Take. I ate a tear and share size Starburst pack and got a headache.Dad “massaged” it which made it bigger.I got bored from standing to look at Sting from the lawn and lay down. It’s hard to sleep with Sting blaring in your ears.And blah blah blabbity blah blabbity blah blah blah. Anyway, There’s this 5th grader named Brian at my Chinese school who’s mortal enemies with me.In other words, we hate each other. Well, today, he said if I said “racist”, he would chop my head off. I said racist. He took a pencil, and struck the back of my neck. It tickled. That’s all I have. See ya!

Chauncey at ConcertSting on the Concert Screen

July 13, 2008

Sister’s birthday

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Hi and welcome back. Then again, this is only the second post. Today, July 13, is my baby sister’s birthday. We invited some friends over, and I played with them. My cousins, and some friends, came. I played Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. We ate homemade brownies – oh yeah, the “party”was at home – and salad and sushi. I prefer crab sushi myself, and ate just about all of them. “Just about” being the key words here. Anyway, one of cousins’ dad came, and he had a shooting game. Whenever he scored, my sister yelled,”Yeeaahh!Uncle got it in!”, and whenever he missed, my sister yelled,”Yeeaahh!Uncle picked up the ball!” She had a really positive attitude for him, and he was glowing when it ended. Actually, my sister spoke Chinglish, what school kids like me call a mixture of Chinese and English. I’m just the translator. The cake, strangely, was a Fudge Crunch, the kind of ice cream cake you can get at Baskin Robins. Why did I say strangely? My sister’s allergic to chocolate, that’s why. She ate some M&M topping, though, and a thin slice since it’s her birthday. “It ain’t her birthday every day, ya know” I said to myself because she got to eat chocolate. That’s about it, though. See ya tomorrow!(hence the first post)

Audrey’s 3-year-old Birthday


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Hello! I’m Chauncey, in case you haven’t noticed the top. Nobody does these days. This is my first post(obviously?!) I think you’re wondering ‘What’s the point of a blog??’ or ‘What is a blog?’ or ‘Who’s this guy?’ or ‘Why the heck is he asking so many questions?’. Save the last one; I’ll answer the rest. If you don’t know what a blog is, it’s like an online diary. BLOG stands for WEB LOG. If you don’t know who I am, (which you probably don’t) I’m Chauncey, a kid typing the words you see now. I started this because I’m going to China and my father asked if I wanted to make a blog and I said yes. I think I’m getting a little boring here. Anyway, I’ll be updating with [not so] cool stories and comics I make and other things, so see ya tomorrow(I wonder how often I’m gonna say that) !

Chauncey and Dolphin

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