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August 8, 2008

Beijing’s Museum of… Natural History?! Or, A Defeated David in Mickey’s Mansion

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Hello again, and I have many things to share tell you. Firstly, this is the first time I have used two irregular ways of printing in the same sentence. Secondly, this post makes me a nono-poster (nono-  meaning nine or ninth). Third, can you say pneumoniaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? Bet you can’t on your first try! … Sorry. You know that Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium I was tellin’ you about last time? You should watch it. It’s a story about believing in yourself, like me, trying to believe I can finish this before bedtime, or you, believing in whatever you’re believing in. But that doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t. Now to get on with real business. Like….. DEAD FISH! Yeah, whatever. Dead fish. Whenever dead fish appear on the computer, or you want to post a picture of them,… or want to wear them on your head, Never, and I mean NEVER, capitalize them. They will make you look stupid, the fish look stupid, and you look stupid x 2. That’s a note everybody, write it down. Did I tell the story of a thousand rainy… no, that’s Sting… Oh yes,  did I tell about the time I was riding on my cousin’s bicycle, (black with pink letters, but I don’t mind-now I know where my parents got such bad taste), and I swerved to get rid of a car passing, but the bike’s handling sucks like heck and I smashed into a bicycle stopper- black metal semicircles sticking out of the ground- and nearly fell off! Hey, I think that’s my longest sentence yet! Anyway, what surprises me is that the kickstand fell down and balanced the bike. Unbelievable! I survived! So what? Who cares?.. Drat. I make everything sound unimpressive. Many things happened in this time, too.I lost my tooth, for one thing, but since there’s no Tooth Faerie in China, it’s no use. The best thing that happened was today. It all started when Aunt Zheng came to pick me and Anna, the English name of my cousin. I woke up late because I spent half the night listening to my Ipod. Okay, I’m just exaggerating. You get the idea. I was in charge of keeping the food and giving it to everyone. A good job, in my opinion. 🙂 Only Jason, AKA “Mickey”, ate basically anything. I did and Anna did, too. Another boy, (“kid” or “child” didn’t suit him at all, as he was so bigtall) David, didn’t eat anything. Guess where our trip started. It was…….   The Beijing Museum of Natural History! Big surprise, I’ll bet.We first went to… Geez, I can’t recall, I wasn’t paying attention. But if you pay to attention, shouldn’t you at least get your money back? I really don’t get these things. I think it was the Dinosaur House.That’s just silly. How can you put a house in a museum? Well, if you’re featuring dust bunnies… Anyway, I touched what it said was a real dinosaur bone collection but I really think the DO NOT TOUCH signs are there because they don’t want you to know they’re fakes. Felt like plaster. We went next to the Mammals Sector. Sector?? Isn’t “section” enough? I saw the skeletons of elephants, pigs, and what looked like a chicken mixed with a capybara. A capybara is this monster rodent that’s almost as big as I am! Usually I hate anything to do with history, but this is ridiculous, repeat, ridiculous! Next was the Water World. I don’t even have to say it. House, sector, and now WORLD! Now hear me, this is dumb.We saw diatoms, and all those underwater bacteria. Wait, aren’t there supposed to be  two C’s  one C I mean these words are more confusing than the different buildings. I got bored, so we went upstairs. First thing I saw was a small cafe.  Then we went to some plant and pollution part of the place and pondered our bodies on a mirror maze and I found some movies. Now I’m tired of alliterating so leave me alone. We went to some other places including some room that looks like a rainforest. My favorite part, as usual, was at the end. It’s always at the end. Get the hint? Unusually, it was a 3-D movie that had, as always, physical affects as well. I got soaked, and I was also the victim of my own chair, which was practicing for it’s chiropractic degree. It didn’t go perfectly, but at least I had the 3-D glasses off for half the time. It sounded good, but what it was is totally different. I ate some vanilla ice cream (I didn’t notice the chocolate flavor) and had an overall hejfhdsffgher hsdijhsuth567-ish time. Pretty good, even by my standards. Usually, it’s 58 letters and 6 numbers. Anyway, after that we went to Jason’s and Aunt Zheng’s house. They have a dog, 2 cats, and 3 kittens. They also have, luckily, a PSP and a PS2. David and I played some sort of Chinese Naruto game on the PS2 and I turned out pretty good. After one round when David beat me, I managed to get my revenge by beating him 12 times consecutively. He didn’t want to play after that. It was hard to beat Jason, though. In fact, I didn’t. I almost did, but he pulled off a really slick sort of Rasengan -a strong move- and won by 5 HP. I’m pretty sure grown-ups don’t understand this sort of mumbo jumbo, so I think I should report in “secret code” from now on. We went to Origus that night. I’m not sure if it’s in the US, but it’s a pizza buffet. There’s honeydew, cantoloupe and ceasar salad, too, Mom! … Sorry. Well, that’s the end of post.

Next time…… About 205-can you guess what?….. New features to the blog! …… And how I figured out I look bad in a skirt. See ya!

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