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July 13, 2008

Sister’s birthday

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Hi and welcome back. Then again, this is only the second post. Today, July 13, is my baby sister’s birthday. We invited some friends over, and I played with them. My cousins, and some friends, came. I played Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. We ate homemade brownies – oh yeah, the “party”was at home – and salad and sushi. I prefer crab sushi myself, and ate just about all of them. “Just about” being the key words here. Anyway, one of cousins’ dad came, and he had a shooting game. Whenever he scored, my sister yelled,”Yeeaahh!Uncle got it in!”, and whenever he missed, my sister yelled,”Yeeaahh!Uncle picked up the ball!” She had a really positive attitude for him, and he was glowing when it ended. Actually, my sister spoke Chinglish, what school kids like me call a mixture of Chinese and English. I’m just the translator. The cake, strangely, was a Fudge Crunch, the kind of ice cream cake you can get at Baskin Robins. Why did I say strangely? My sister’s allergic to chocolate, that’s why. She ate some M&M topping, though, and a thin slice since it’s her birthday. “It ain’t her birthday every day, ya know” I said to myself because she got to eat chocolate. That’s about it, though. See ya tomorrow!(hence the first post)

Audrey’s 3-year-old Birthday


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Hello! I’m Chauncey, in case you haven’t noticed the top. Nobody does these days. This is my first post(obviously?!) I think you’re wondering ‘What’s the point of a blog??’ or ‘What is a blog?’ or ‘Who’s this guy?’ or ‘Why the heck is he asking so many questions?’. Save the last one; I’ll answer the rest. If you don’t know what a blog is, it’s like an online diary. BLOG stands for WEB LOG. If you don’t know who I am, (which you probably don’t) I’m Chauncey, a kid typing the words you see now. I started this because I’m going to China and my father asked if I wanted to make a blog and I said yes. I think I’m getting a little boring here. Anyway, I’ll be updating with [not so] cool stories and comics I make and other things, so see ya tomorrow(I wonder how often I’m gonna say that) !

Chauncey and Dolphin

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